Water Damage Restoration in Waseca, MN, by ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca

It doesn’t take much to cause a flood these days. Historically, floods were associated with rising rivers, burst dams, and endless rains. Today, due to the wide variations in weather, a heavy thunderstorm may dump several inches of rain on a community that experienced heavy rains just a few days earlier. Overflow systems, drainage creeks, and storm sewers that handled rainfall in the past are no longer up to the task in some areas. Some communities in Minnesota have experienced two 500-year rainfalls in less than five years. Waseca, MN, has not been hit that hard, but uncertainty of weather trends means everyone should be ready. If flooding hits your home or business in Waseca, ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best bet for water removal and water damage restoration.

Many of the homeowners in the U.S. who lost all or part of their homes due to flooding this summer did not have flood insurance. The water had never risen that high before and the houses were not in a recognized flood plain.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service recommends reviewing your insurance and understanding your financial situation before a flood threatens. That may be the most important, given the level and speed of rainfall in recent months. Other suggestions include:

  • Check for cracks in foundations, slabs, or other openings where rising water might enter the building or basement.
  • Holes made for cable, telephone, exhaust pipes, or plumbing should be caulked no matter how high they are on the exterior wall.
  • Use waterproof blocks to raise basement appliances several feet above the floor to anticipate floodwaters.
  • Check to ensure your sump pump is working properly and the ejection pipe is clear.
  • Keep a gas generator as a backup for sump pump power in case electricity goes out.
  • Consider adding a one-way valve to your sewer line to keep sewage and storm water from backing up into your basement.

If a flood does occur, ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will respond promptly to your call. We can help with water removal, debris cleanup, sewage backup, deodorizing, pack out, storage, restoration of furnishings, and full water damage repair and restoration of your home or business.


For emergency service, call 1-800-596-0063 or submit a service request.



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