Water Damage Restoration in St. Peter, MN by ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca

Flash floods are something we hear about every year in Minnesota. They can happen almost anywhere when heavy and long rainfalls occur, especially in a 24-hour period. St. Peter, MN is no exception. Flooding can also arise when local streams or lakes overflow, and when any drainage system is compromised – in your community, your house, or business. If drainage or sewer lines cannot handle the flow, standing or backedup water is the outcome. That’s when ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca can help with professional water damage restoration. We can respond promptly to the scene in St. Peter and start to remedy the situation, beginning with water removal and dry out services.

Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management reminds everyone that the state has been the scene of terrible flooding in years past. In 2007, floods in the southeast section of the state destroyed hundreds of homes. Flash floods can impact wide areas or just part of a neighborhood. It’s important to be prepared. The State of Minnesota recommends that you:

Develop a plan in case of a flood disaster, including a plan on how best to leave your home and where to go for shelter.

Keep a first aid kit ready at all times.

Purchase a weather radio so you’ll be able to monitor flood updates at all times.

Consider investing in “check valves” to keep water from backing up into your house.

If water is rising, consider erecting barriers. Your local government or emergency services may be able to help with this.

Make sure you have flood insurance.

If flooding damages your home or business in St. Peter, remember ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca for flood damage restoration services, including water removal, pack out, debris removal, and water damage repair. We also provide mold removal and restoration in case the moisture has prompted a mold outbreak. We will also remove furnishings, equipment, collectibles, store them safely, and restore them so they’ll be ready for use when it’s time to move back in. We can oversee the entire restoration process from beginning to end, and work with your insurance company and other contractors to ensure everything is done properly. In St. Peter, you’re in professional hands with ServiceMaster.



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