Summer Storms and Water Damage in Mankato and Waseca, MN

The word deluge brings to mind great floods and walls of water inundating acres of land and destroying all in its path. Yet the word also refers to a situation where water is simply overwhelming. During a brief pounding thunderstorm or a persistent rainstorm that lasts for more than a day, your basement, crawlspace, or ground floor may be subjected to its own form of deluge. It doesn’t take much water to do serious damage. That’s where we come in. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your water removal and water damage repair specialist.

You may not be aware of the foundation crack, loose window, or clogged drainpipe that’s about to cause the problem. The last thing on your mind during a busy summer is inspecting your house for areas water may intrude. Most of the time it’s something amiss that isn’t even visible. If you’ve done some landscaping this spring, added a wall, or taken out some trees, it may have made just enough of a difference in the contour of your yard to send water a different direction, or to retain water in new areas of your property. It’s also common that no one is home during a strong thunderstorms to take protective action if a window is broken or water finds a way into the home.

Whatever the cause, it’s critical to remove any water before it causes additional damage to walls, floors, furnishings, or appliances. We will respond promptly with trained specialists to board up or tarp any openings, and then efficiently remove the water. When that’s done, we can provide all the help you need to repair the water damage, prevent mold, and restore your home to its previous state. We’ll also help determine the cause of the flooding and recommend ways to prevent it in the future. For the best choice in water removal and water disaster repair and remediation, call us at ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.


For emergency service, call 1-800-596-0063 or submit a service request.



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