Spring Weather in Mankato Makes for Messy Workplaces

Regular janitorial and commercial cleaning for businesses and other facilities is important at all times of the year. It’s true that the busy periods bring more traffic, but also more dirt and the need for your buildings to look their best. In flu and cold season, it’s important to have a good cleaning service to keep your operation and staff as healthy as possible. In the middle of winter, it’s the time of melted snow, mud, and salt residue on floors. Whatever the season or the need, ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will bring the best in skilled technicians, cleaning solutions, and technology to your doors as part of our professional janitorial services.

There’s something unique about the Mankato area which can impact the significance of the cleaning service you select. Beginning in March, the average level of precipitation begins to double and then increase by about an inch each month until midsummer. At the end of the first business quarter of the year, the moisture dropped on the city of Mankato jumps from just under one inch to two inches. Another month adds another inch, until by late spring it’s nearly a Minnesota monsoon, with an average precipitation rate of four inches. It’s great for agriculture and wildlife, but it means something different when you’re trying to keep interiors clean. Think about what that added moisture means for the floors and carpets in your business – more water and mud tracked in at a time when your operation may be increasingly busy. If the spring and early summer are your busy time, wouldn’t a cleaning service remove some of the burden?

A regularly scheduled staff of trained professionals will make sure your business is perfectly clean and looking great with a minimum disruption to your operation and even less of your time. Give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will work within your schedules and budget to provide an experience that you and your customers won’t soon forget. Give us a call today.


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Keeping a Healthy Work Environment with Commercial Cleaning