Mold Removal in Mankato, MN

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides Mold Removal Services in Mankato, MN

It seems odd that a particle less than half the width of a human hair could cause so much damage and distress. Yet, every year, mold takes its toll on property and health in homes and businesses across the country. With the degree of moisture present in Mankato and Waseca, MN this summer, mold spores are growing and spreading behind walls and in damp, lower-lying areas in your home or business. ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca is your best option for mold removal and remediation.

Temperature, moisture, and a food source are all it takes for mold spores to propagate. It eats almost anything organic or made from organic components. That includes cardboard, paper, wood, and many types of building materials, as well as many textiles and fabrics. Mold can even survive and grow on stainless steel if there is organic residue on the surface. Temperature is less of a factor. While warm and humid conditions are ideal, mold can still grow in the cold. Mold detection, removal, and mold damage repair are specialties of ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.

You can usually detect mold with your nose. Spore colonies are distinguished by a damp or musty smell, especially in basements and close areas. You may or may not see any signs of mold – patches of black or dark green on mopboards or drywall – but it may already be causing allergies among your family members or employees. Let ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca handle mold removal in your house or facility. Call us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll find the mold and make your surroundings healthy again.


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