Mold Removal Can Happen Year-Round

Living in Mankato, MN, in the winter months often means contending with cold weather and dry skin, but unfortunately, dry air doesn’t guarantee that mold will stay away from your home. Water damage appears in many forms, but the important fact to remember is that it can happen at any time, year-round. Even if it feels like all of the water in the world is currently frozen, you can still suffer from a home water event. And where there’s water, there’s mold. ServiceMaster of Mankato is available year-round for all of your mold removal needs; come rain, shine, or heaps and heaps of snow.


Mold may thrive in warm and humid environments, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it to manifest during the colder months. In fact, mold growth can occur frequently, thanks to winter water damage, condensation from heating devices, and over-utilizing hot water in your bathroom or kitchen. The combination of cold outside air and warm indoor temperatures can often result in dampness and dripping. Preventing this situation requires excellent insulation, which not every home has in abundance. Even a single window with poor insulation could lead to a solitary, risky damp spot.


Preventing mold in the winter is similar to methods in the warmer months. If you spot a problem area, address it immediately. If you ignore a spot that may need mold removal in its early stages, those moldy spots could spread rapidly. Areas with water-based heating should be regularly inspected. Plus, common areas with poor insulation such as roofs, basements, and attics should be checked for leaking, runoff, or melt. As soon as water damage is detected, it should be reported to the appropriate mold removal and water damage experts.


Homeowners in Mankato, MN, struggling with winter water damage, unexpected mold growth, or who are in need of mold removal services can contact ServiceMaster of Mankato at (507) 388-6339 or by visiting our website for additional information.


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