Mankato Flooded Basement? Year Round Tips to Avoid the Mess

Nobody likes dealing with a flooded or wet basement, but we all know it can happen. If it happens to you it’s important to get the water out and to dry surfaces quickly to avoid additional damage to walls, flooring, furniture and more. That’s why we offer prompt and complete clean up for flooded basements in Mankato, Waseca and throughout our service area.

However, avoiding the need for professional clean up of flooded basements is your best bet and the tips below can help with that. Some of these tips are seasonal, but all of them are worth reading and acting on.

  1. Keep gutters clean & in good repair. Clean gutters and down spouts regularly to avoid build up that can keep them from doing their job. Fix loose or missing sections of gutter or down spout and use down spout extensions to keep water directed away from your foundation.
  2. Keep the sump pump working. Although it’s usually out of sight and out of mind, your sump pump should never be taken for granted. When ground saturation from melting snow and/or heavy rain comes, that’s when you’ll want that sump pump doing its job. If the pump isn’t working the result can be water damage and a big mess. Making sure your home is equipped with a working sump pump is a smart move.
  3. Sand bags for extremes. Sand bagging is too extreme for most property owners, however in areas that suffer from frequent flooding sand bags could be the only way to adequately protect your home or business.
  4. Don’t leave winter snow piled up around your foundation. Removing snow that has piled up around your home’s exterior walls and foundation will help decrease the amount of water that soaks into the ground near the house when the thaw comes.
  5. Remember – water runs downhill. This seems simple, but the point is to make sure that water flows away from your home or business’s foundation. Water allowed to pool next to the building can lead to water damage.

If all these precautions fail and you find yourself with a wet or flooded basement in Mankato, Waseca or the surrounding area, ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca can help. Contact us to learn more!


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