Janitorial Services Can Improve Productivity in Mankato and Waseca, MN

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In a cost-saving measure, a company we know of cut back on its office cleaning. Employees were asked to empty their own wastebaskets and be more careful not to drop things on the carpet because they would be vacuumed less frequently. Some employees put off their trash duties because they were too busy. Others delayed because they felt it wasn’t something they were hired to do. There was also a morale impact: Consciously or unconsciously, people felt the company thought less of them because of the change. The result was dirtier offices and a decline in productivity. For optimum efficiency and clean facilities, consider keeping or adding a professional janitorial service in Mankato and Waseca on call, like ServiceMaster of Mankato.

That may be one case study, but the concept of a clean work environment enhancing productivity has been proven. Freeing the indoor air of dust, pollen, and other allergens and contaminants can improve worker efficiency from 4 to 16 percent, according to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency and other research organizations. A productivity study published by researchers at Brigham Young University showed 88 percent of those surveyed had better concentration in a clean office space. The perception of orderliness throughout a company is important to send the message that everyone is on the same page and that a well-organized environment is a priority.

Then there’s the health issue. The biggest lag on productivity is time away from work. Regular cleaning, disinfecting of surfaces, and removal of trash where bacteria can linger will help keep employees healthy. If modern, professional cleaning services keep one virus from spreading, you may save one workday per employee per cold season, not to mention bacterial infections or allergies.

If you want to keep your employees motivated and on the job, keep your business clean. Contact ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca today for professional janitorial services in Mankato and Waseca, MN.


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