3 Key Differences Between Do-It-Yourself Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services for Mankato, MN Home or Business Owners

When it comes to investing in any type of service there are some critical questions to be answered:

  • Will this work for me?
  • Does this service provide the right value for the price?
  • Are there better alternatives?

 Today we’re going to talk about the last question. When it comes to cleaning, there’s definitely an alternative to janitorial cleaning, which is “do-it-yourself,” also known as DIY.

Don’t get us wrong. The DIY approach can work when it comes to keeping your Mankato, MN home or business clean, but is it better than janitorial cleaning?

Let’s talk about some of the key differences between DIY cleaning and janitorial cleaning to show why janitorial cleaning is a smart investment that makes a difference.

  • Time – We lead with perhaps the most important difference between DIY cleaning and janitorial cleaning. You can attempt a thorough DIY cleaning of your home or business, but doing it right takes time, and doing it right repeatedly takes a lot of time. Janitorial cleaning saves time in multiple ways. First, you’re not doing the cleaning yourself. Second, our cleaning experts have been trained to provide efficient service without skimping on quality. This means they get the job done better than DIY in less time.
  • Expertise – As a smart and conscientious Mankato, MN business or homeowner, we’re sure you can do a great job of taking care of cleaning on your own. Imagine, however, the cleaning performed by someone who’s sole purpose of their job is making sure to clean as thoroughly as possible. With janitorial services, you’re having your business or home cleaned by someone who has likely put hundreds, even thousands of hours into cleaning proficiently. You have your own job to do or business to run along with your social and family life. It’s hard to make time to give your home or business full attention, which is why it’s smart to have someone else do it for you.
  • Resources – Our janitorial services include a wide range of different services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor refinishing, and more! We have the resources to give your Mankato, MN home or business the immaculate look it deserves. To even attempt to accomplish the kind of deep cleaning done by a professional, you’d need to rent a bunch of expensive equipment and put in a good amount of ‘elbow grease’ to get the job done. Who wants to go through that much hassle? It’s much easier to pick up a phone and let experienced professionals handle it!

Our janitorial cleaning services can make a big difference for your home or business. To learn more about our services, please contact us at (507) 835-4799 today!


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