How to Keep Your Place of Business Clean in Mankato and Waseca, MN

ServiceMaster of Mankato & Waseca provides top-notch commercial cleaning services.

Winter months are tough on facilities when appearance, safety, and customer service are integral to your business. The last thing you need is a bad impression due to dirt, grime, or worse, illness-causing germs, in your office complex, customer areas, or food areas. The snow combined with freezing and thawing may offer up water, salt deposits, or mud on your floors day after day. If the floors aren’t dirty, then your carpeting or runners will be, and no matter how conscientious you are about mopping or vacuuming, your focus should be on providing products and services, not being your own janitor. Let ServiceMaster handle your regular commercial cleaning needs in Mankato and Waseca this winter season.

After discussing and assessing your needs, we’ll provide a scheduled janitorial service at times when it’s least disruptive, and tackle all the cleaning jobs that are wasting your valuable time. Professional cleaning, especially this time of year, is important, and should be viewed as an investment. In a way, an experienced commercial cleaning service is a form if risk management. Any time a customer talks publicly about the condition of your business – whether the floors, the restrooms, or the air quality – you’re taking a risk unless you know their comments will be positive. With the speed and spread of social media today, it doesn’t take long for one bad impression or critique to show up all over town.

As we move into flu season it’s even more important to keep high traffic areas clean and disinfected. A recent study by the University of Arizona showed that a virus on an office door handle or conference table can thrive for many hours in your facility and easily spread to half or more of your staff. You want to have a professional janitorial service on your side to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. We know where to concentrate the cleaning to keep germs from getting out of control. We use the right solutions for the job and get it done right the first time. Contact ServiceMaster today for the best in commercial cleaning in Mankato, Waseca, and the surrounding area.


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Keeping a Healthy Work Environment with Commercial Cleaning