Get Ready for Fall with Residential Carpet Cleaning in Mankato and Waseca, MN

SerivceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides Home Carpet Cleaning in Mankato, MN and surrounding areas

Is the residue of summer weighing on your carpet? Stains, smears, drips, spills from food, other organics, oil and chemicals all take their toll during a busy summer. You’ve been on the go to events, the beach, or the woods, and everything you’ve come into contact with has left a little souvenir on your floor covering. Now is the best time to make a clean break with summer and what it left behind. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will pretreat, clean and help preserve your home’s carpets and rugs in time for fall.

The change in season and activities will bring family, visitors, and perhaps business colleagues into your home. They won’t be outside around the picnic table, but inside around the dining table. Fall is a continuous string of events and holidays with activities and preparations that may be headquartered in your home. Things are picking up at church and with your civic groups. With a clean carpet, you can volunteer your living room for small group gatherings or brainstorming sessions. Don’t let the other person do all the hosting. You’ll feel more willing and confident to do your part with a clean home!

Now is a great time to schedule before the pre-holiday bookings begin to fill up. No matter what style or age your carpeting may be, we will treat it as if it were in our own home. From pet stains and odors to unsightly food pigments you weren’t able to remove on your own, ServiceMaster professionals will make your carpet and rugs like new again. Call us today for the best value in Mankato, Waseca and surrounding communities.


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