Fire Damage Restoration Services in Mankato, Minnesota, with ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca

Recreational burning was something we wouldn’t be writing about in Mankato years ago. We might talk about fire safety in homes or offer tips on fireplaces or outdoor barbecues, but the concept of gathering around a backyard campfire or patio equivalent has recently become popular for many folks in Minnesota. Whether it’s a basic fire pit dug into the lawn, a contained metal or brick outdoor fireplace, or a metal or ceramic portable brazier, it can spell trouble if it’s not managed properly.

ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your area expert for fire damage repair and restoration. We manage fire disaster cleanup, pack out, and repair and restoration of the structure and its contents. But we’d rather not have to do fire damage restoration services. Here are some tips to prevent recreational fires from turning into fire disasters:

  • The Mankato Fire Department recommends keeping all recreational fires at least 25 feet from any structure, woodpile, or dry area. That means fires in any kind of container should not be used on a wooden deck
  • State law requires that the fire must be attended at all times until it is put out
  • Have an ample water source or fire extinguisher handy
  • Burn only recommended fuel in the fire. If wood is oversized or sticks out of the fire pit, don’t burn it
  • Don’t burn garbage or newspapers that can fly away
  • Don’t start a recreational fire during windy conditions
  • After soaking ashes or embers with water, keep them in a metal container for at least 24 hours before assuming they are out
  • The fire or police department can order any fire to be extinguished if it is deemed hazardous or annoying to neighbors

No matter how many safety precautions we take, fire disasters can still occur. Call the fire department at once. When the fire is out, call ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca for comprehensive fire disaster damage repair and restoration. We are the professionals in the Mankato, MN, area for any kind of disaster restoration. You can count on us for a fast response, quality repairs, and high value workmanship.


For emergency service, call 1-800-596-0063 or submit a service request.



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