Find Janitorial Services for Mankato, MN, Area Schools

Energy levels are likely at an annual high in your Mankato, MN, area school as the snow is starting to melt and the sun is beginning to shine longer. As the students are getting back into the swing of warm weather, your school building is likely experience a range of new messes to accompany the change in temperature. The good news is that ServiceMaster of Mankato’s janitorial services are just the experts you need to shake off the last signs of winter and transition into a warmer, cleaner school season.

A big part of spring school cleaning in Minnesota is removing all evidence that winter ever occurred. This means cleaning the salt and snow off floors and carpets, ensuring that tiles are free of sand and dirt, and ensuring that any and all slippery remnants of winter have been removed. Once winter has been scraped, swept, and dusted out of the building, prepping for spring can really begin.

Spring is a vital time for effective janitorial services in schools. With spring comes spring sports, outside gym time, allergy season, and dozens of new ways that your school can encounter pollen, dust, and mud. With professional janitorial services, you can ensure that your students have a clean, safe, and allergy friendly environment dedicated to learning and healthy activity without distraction.

Plus, establishing a consistent janitorial team to handle your spring school cleaning is a great way to ensure that your building will be ready for summer activities. Whether your buildings are given a summer-long reprieve or they’re a hot stop for summer learning, you can count on our professional janitorial services to keep the building pristine and ready for whatever summer may throw at it.

Finding janitorial services that can keep up with students can be a difficult task, but ServiceMaster of Mankato’s school cleaning team ensures a clean and safe space for your staff, teachers, and pupils. If your Mankato, MN, area school is interested in comprehensive school cleaning contact us today at (507) 388-6339 or visit our website here for additional details!


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The Many Benefits of All-Season Janitorial Services for Schools in Minnesota