Commercial Cleaning and Flu Protection from ServiceMaster in Mankato and Waseca

The Mankato Free Press reminded people earlier this fall about the importance of getting a flu shot. Because of a surprise strain last year, Minnesota and the rest of the country had a harder flu season than normal. More than 4,000 people – mostly the young and elderly – were hospitalized, and ten children died of complications of the flu. Health experts expect this year’s vaccine to be more effective and say that some protection is better than none at all. In addition to encouraging employees to get a flu shot, employers can help keep staff healthy by providing a clean workplace. That’s where we come in. The professionals at ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca are experts at commercial cleaning, especially when it comes to all the surfaces that can retain bacteria and contaminants.

The flu is just one type of infectious disease that can be transmitted through personal contact. The cold weather season is the ideal time for diseases to propagate as more people are indoors and immune systems are under attack. Bacteria love any surface that is warm, damp, and has organic matter it can feed on. Germs can spread from hands to doors, door frames and handles, desktops, and countertops in mere seconds with the help of human contact. According to Mayo Clinic, germs can survive for hours and live longest on “stainless steel, plastic, and similar hard surfaces.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu strains can survive on flat surfaces such as tabletops and counters for two to eight hours.

Health experts urge you to wash your hands frequently, stay home if you’re ill, and avoid others who are sick. Employing the expert janitorial and commercial cleaning services of ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca can provide huge benefits. We’ll thoroughly clean and disinfect common areas such as break area and conference rooms to help maintain a healthier and safer work environment. Keep your employees on the job this flu season by taking the extra effort to keep your business as clean and healthy as possible in Mankato, Waseca, and St. Peter. Call us today.


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