Your Only 3 Upholstery Cleaning Options in Mankato, MN (and Which One You Should Choose)

Life is full of choices. Making the right choices provides a better future. When it comes to the way you treat your Mankato, MN home, the same rule applies. Today, we’re going to discuss your options when it comes to upholstery cleaning. We’re sure you will make the right decision.


Do Nothing


You could leave your upholstery the way it is without using any form of upholstery cleaning services. Will your furniture become ruined overnight if you choose this option? No. Over time, however, your upholstery will wear, debris will accumulate, and you’ll end up with furniture that needs to be replaced.


Had you opted for regular upholstery cleaning services, this fate could’ve been postponed very far into the future, or it could be avoided altogether.


Most situations cross the ‘point of no return’ slowly. You don’t eat one cheeseburger and get heart disease or smoke one cigarette and instantly get cancer. Often, by the time you realize the situation is dire the risks have already accumulated. Although not nearly as dire, of course, you’re faced with a similar situation when it comes to your upholstery.


What’s your best bet? Do something about your upholstery before it’s too late, which brings us to option two.


Do It Yourself


Imagine the following scenario.


You notice your upholstery needs some sprucing up. You decide you’re going to do it yourself.


First, you give your upholstery a once over with the nozzle attached to your standard vacuum. It doesn’t do much.


You decide you’re going to take it a step further and do some deep upholstery cleaning with a rented machine. After jumping through a few hoops—finding a store that rents this equipment, filling out a bunch of forms, and hauling the machine to your car—you come home to finish the job.


You read the directions. They’re unclear. You don’t quite know how much solution you’re supposed to use. You push forward anyway.


It turns out you used too much cleaning solution. Now, you have to rinse twice.


In the end, your upholstery looks better, but it took time and elbow grease to get the job done.


Let Us Help


Your last option is choosing a professional company for quick and efficient upholstery cleaning.


With this option, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your investment was worthwhile.


You’ll say “wow” to the finished product, realizing you saved your own time, sweat, and labor in the process.


In this scenario you simply give us a call, wait for us to arrive, and relax while your upholstery is brought back to life.


Doesn’t this sound like the most appealing option?


Here’s what you should do next. Pick up the phone and call (507) 388-6339 today and schedule an appointment for upholstery cleaning services in Mankato, MN.







For the Best Looking Business, Hire a Janitorial Service in Mankato, MN

As Minnesota grows, office space in many communities is becoming limited or the space available may be far from ideal. In some cases, fledgling businesses have fewer options for their first headquarters, but still need to make a good impression on prospective customers and clients. Whatever the case, you need to know that a professionally cleaned and maintained business will help make that impression despite the age of the building or type of furnishings. The professional technicians at ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca know how to make every business look its best with top-notch janitorial services.

Three aspects that make the biggest impact on visitors where we can help the most:

Visible surfaces
“What you see is what you get,” goes the old saying. If what a customer or client sees is dirt, smudges or dust, it’s like waving a warning flag that may easily offset your friendly handshake. We’ll make sure that surfaces are very clean, so much so that people may comment. If the woodwork or carpeting in your office is older, making it look its best will draw attention to the detail and care you give your surroundings. It can turn an older office space into a positive statement about your approach to business. If the space had been used for something quite different, making it shine and restoring aspects of the room may also prove an eye-opener. Older furnishings can be made bright and offer a classic look.

Restrooms and break areas
This goes without saying, but it’s one of the most noticed areas and one where many businesses fall short. You want your restrooms, coffee and eating areas as clean as those in your customer’s home or a good hotel. They should shine, smell clean and show that they’ve been recently cleaned. That means clean tile and grout and sparkling mirrors and surfaces. Sinks, tabletops and microwaves should be spotless.

Many janitorial services don’t do windows. We do and do them well. Clean windows send all available light into your business even on the gray days. Sunlight is a subtle but positive factor in making people feel good about what they’re doing, whether employee or customer.

We do far more than trash removal and cleaning carpets, and we’ll gladly describe our extensive offering of services when you call. Let us set up a regular cleaning schedule that meets your needs and budget. For the best value in commercial cleaning and janitorial services, contact ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca today.

How to Keep Your Carpets Cleaning During the Messy Spring Months in Mankato, MN

The woman waited at the door with a bucket of warm water and a rag as her two spaniels approached from their morning round. The spring mud appeared plentiful on each of the eight paws, but she was ready. The dogs sat dutifully as each was washed and dried before they were allowed to pass through the mudroom into the house. If that scenario is rare, wishful thinking, or pure fantasy at your house, then your carpets may well bear the traces of pets and people who have brought the outdoors into your home. Whether your yard is primarily sand, clay, gravel, or rich black loam, you need home carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca to handle those carpet stains.

There’s only so much you can do during the messy months to keep soil and grit off your residential floors. Put multiple mats by the doors, set out trays for boots and shoes, and vacuum regularly. Even when guests think they’ve effectively wiped their feet, they often don’t. After several weeks your carpets reflect not only the muddy spring, but also what remains after a long winter’s accumulation that includes splatters and spills from parties or family gatherings. Add to that any pet stains and it’s probably time for a professional carpet cleaning service.

If you live in a rural area, on a farm or acreage, you may have even more potential for having dirt tracked onto your carpeting. We can remove the smallest particles of dirt that have filtered to the bottom of your carpets and may be damaging the fibers. We’ll remove the dried mud and dirt before it turns into dust that recirculates in your HVAC system. And we’ll spot treat the problem areas with the right solutions based on the type of stain. There’s no guesswork involved. Let our highly trained technicians get your home and its carpets and rugs smelling like spring instead of like mud. For the best in home carpet cleaning, contact ServiceMaster today. We serve all of Waseca and Blue Earth counties, including Mankato, Waseca, and St. Peter, MN.

Carpet Cleaning Services in St. Peter, MN

If you’re one of the roughly 12,000 people in St. Peter, MN who may be wondering whom to call to clean your carpets, call ServiceMaster of Mankato. We’ve provided great service to St. Peter and Nicollet County for years. Our trained and experienced professional service technicians utilize the best in carpet cleaning methods and equipment. The “City of Governors” deserves the best Minnesota has to offer when it comes to quality workmanship and know-how. That’s why your wisest value and best investment in keeping your carpets stain free – whether in your home or business – is ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.

Frequency of cleaning is important when it comes to carpets as winter’s dirt can cause permanent damage to you carpet’s fibers. Over the course of the winter, salt, sand, and small bits of gravel and dirt get tracked in from the yard, driveway or roadways. This debris sinks to the base of the carpeting and becomes deeply embedded. Once there, this filth becomes harder to remove with regular vacuuming. It works like tiny grindstones, scraping and chewing against the fibers with every step taken across the carpet.

As these particles rip and tear at the fibers, traffic across the carpeting helps release clouds of dust and irritants into the indoor environment. And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, you have to consider the nasty mix of bio-debris that lives in your carpeting which includes bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and even viruses. Top this off with spills, stains, pet accidents and other stuff that can be stuck to the bottom of a shoe…well, it’s just not a pretty picture! The result may be allergies, frequent colds, or aggravated pre-existing illnesses. It’s especially bad on babies and small children who spend their time closer to the floor and anyone with pulmonary or breathing problems. Think back on the illnesses in your business or home. Could they have been made worse by these factors?

And there you have it – so many great reasons for regular home carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning in St. Peter. And there’s one great solution to achieve thorough, efficient and the best in carpeting cleaning for your home or business – call ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca today at 507.935.4799!

Spring Weather in Mankato Makes for Messy Workplaces

Regular janitorial and commercial cleaning for businesses and other facilities is important at all times of the year. It’s true that the busy periods bring more traffic, but also more dirt and the need for your buildings to look their best. In flu and cold season, it’s important to have a good cleaning service to keep your operation and staff as healthy as possible. In the middle of winter, it’s the time of melted snow, mud, and salt residue on floors. Whatever the season or the need, ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will bring the best in skilled technicians, cleaning solutions, and technology to your doors as part of our professional janitorial services.

There’s something unique about the Mankato area which can impact the significance of the cleaning service you select. Beginning in March, the average level of precipitation begins to double and then increase by about an inch each month until midsummer. At the end of the first business quarter of the year, the moisture dropped on the city of Mankato jumps from just under one inch to two inches. Another month adds another inch, until by late spring it’s nearly a Minnesota monsoon, with an average precipitation rate of four inches. It’s great for agriculture and wildlife, but it means something different when you’re trying to keep interiors clean. Think about what that added moisture means for the floors and carpets in your business – more water and mud tracked in at a time when your operation may be increasingly busy. If the spring and early summer are your busy time, wouldn’t a cleaning service remove some of the burden?

A regularly scheduled staff of trained professionals will make sure your business is perfectly clean and looking great with a minimum disruption to your operation and even less of your time. Give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will work within your schedules and budget to provide an experience that you and your customers won’t soon forget. Give us a call today.

Mold in Mankato Homes Can Trigger Asthma and Asthma Attacks

Does someone in your family suffer from itchy, red, or watery eyes during certain times of the year? Or perhaps they have a recurring cough, sneezing, or nasal congestion. That may not be a cold virus, but rather an allergy. If it happens when the house is closed during the winter months, or if you see signs of it starting in the fall, it may be a mold allergy. Dampness, trapped by fallen leaves, may activate mold spores in the fall. Closing bedroom windows at night may help. In the winter, mold may be caused by leaky pipes or groundwater seeping into the basement. The water becomes trapped beneath carpeting or is absorbed into drywall or other building materials. This provides the two elements necessary for mold growth: Relative warmth and food for growth. Mold may be easy to smell, but hard to find. That’s why a professional mold removal service like ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best solution.

Physicians at Mayo Clinic warn against household mold, not simply because of the initial symptoms, but also because the spores can trigger asthma attacks, chronic fungal sinusitis (often confused with colds), and a lung condition called aspergillosis. This fungal condition can happen to people with asthma or cystic fibrosis. None of this is good, but all of it can be prevented. It helps to frequently change your furnace filters and to use a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner to eliminate damp air. Get rid of items that can easily collect mold, such as stored paper products, old newspapers and magazines, or old books that may have gotten wet at one time. It’s also wise to avoid carpeting altogether in basements or sub-ground rooms. Replace it with tile that can be readily cleaned and inspected.

If you have had any kind of leak or water damage in the lower levels of your home, you probably have mold present in the house. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will be able to locate mold of any kind and take action to remove it. We’ll can also advise you on what steps to take to prevent it from coming back. That may include improving your groundwater drainage in your yard or repairing foundation cracks. You owe it to your family and to your investment in your home to keep your house free from mold. In Mankato, Waseca and surrounding communities, call us for mold removal and confidence that you have a healthy home.

Special Cleaning Services for Old Buildings in Mankato, MN

You may have heard older buildings are harder to keep clean. Why? Surfaces may be worn from age or use. The materials are older and require special treatment. The floors may be hardwood rather than carpet or tile. Plus, the key visual elements such as trim or railings on stairs may be carved or detailed, again calling for special attention.

Too often the outcome is that less time is spent on these valuable attributes than is needed, allowing the appearance and the materials themselves to deteriorate. If you have an older building, one with classic floors or distinctive design, you can depend on ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca to provide the same excellent commercial cleaning as it does with any office or facility interior.

After all, there is a good reason your business is housed in its current structure. It may be a multi-generational family-owned business housed in the same building your ancestor built over a century ago. That is a huge statement about the quality and customer service of the enterprise, and the building is a constant reminder of that. By maintaining and preserving the structure with proper cleaning, you are telling customers that you’re dependable and will be around for another century.

Perhaps you’ve opened a new business in an older building because its style and architecture sets the tone for your creative approach or special products. Maybe you chose to open a company in an older, stately home or building that is protected because of its historical status. Whatever the reason, you owe it to yourself, your investment, and the community to ensure these older properties are cared for and enhanced. Don’t let wood dry and crack or floors deteriorate with winter grime. If you use carpet runners or area rugs to protect sections of flooring, these need cleaning as well.

Commercial cleaning by ServiceMaster includes a depth of skill and expertise you need for unusual buildings or materials. Don’t let just anyone have the responsibility of caring for what may be the most distinctive feature about your business. Keep customers coming through your doors because of the visual experience as well as your products and services. For the best in all types of commercial cleaning, contact ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca today.

Removing Salt from Carpets in Mankato and Waseca

De-Icers are Great for Roads, but Not So Great for Your Carpets

The good news about salt and other mineral de-icers used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is that they are utilizing these chemicals in a more targeted fashion. Road treatments begin before storms hit, making for a more effective and efficient approach. The bad news is that the salt that gets tracked into your home and onto your carpet is still a big problem. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is ready to help solve that problem for you with expert carpet cleaning professionals using the latest equipment.

Other than the materials applied to highways and roads, the salt and chemicals in your carpet are from deicers spread on sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. Some of it may be what you spread yourself to keep people from slipping or falling. It can be carried in on shoes or boots or by your pets, in either solid form or dissolved in the melted snow or ice. In any case, it can damage your carpet fibers and cause colors to fade. The white residue it leaves on the surface is just the visible part of the problem. The granules can cause physical damage as they’re ground in by daily foot traffic. The salt itself may carry other minerals with it – either as an anti-clumping agent or from limited refining – that may interact and cause further damage. Vacuuming, while a good idea, will not remove everything, especially the chemicals that arrived in solution and have saturated the lower levels of the carpet fiber. The problem is worse if your carpet is not treated or if it’s older.

The prevention for salt damage is straightforward. Have everyone remove their shoes and boots at the door, and keep pets off your carpet if they go outside. That’s not always easy, and in businesses or some homes it’s not possible. That’s where we come in. Carpet cleaning services by ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca can provide a strong defense against the chemical risks of winter in Minnesota. Call us today to schedule regular cleaning for your floor coverings, rugs and carpets. We’ll make the season a little easier for you and your home or business.

Common Causes of Mold in Mankato, MN Homes

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides mold removal services throughout the Mankato-area.

“Where did all of that mold come from?” It’s not an uncommon question. Most people realize they have some level of mold in their home. They can smell the mildew or musty odor. Yet, many are surprised at the extent of the problem, and few have an idea of where it all started. The sources of mold can range from simple humidity – excess water vapor in enclosed spaces – to an outright and obvious flood. The result is a spore that lands on material it can consume. It turns into a colony of mold that might appear as a black smudge or stain on a section of wallpaper, baseboard, or wood. More often than not, you don’t see it. It’s hidden behind the walls or in dark corners of your basement or crawlspace. Still, it’s there, and it’s growing. To get rid of it, you need a professional mold remediation service to find it, remove it, and restore the area to a clean and safe environment. For residential mold removal and remediation, call ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.

To get back to our original question, the sources of mold are almost endless. Moisture can come from a single source: A tiny water leak or major pipe break, or from a sewer backup or washing machine overflow. The cause may include moisture over time. During humid summer months, trapped air may be enough to dampen wallboard and other surfaces in basements and rooms that are normally cool to the touch. If your air conditioning goes offline for a few days, it may be enough to cause this kind of condensation. Water can also condense on overhead pipes in areas with contrasting temperatures. The water can then drip for days or weeks onto ceiling tile or drywall. Moisture can also develop in interior walls due to ice jams on your roof in winter. Water can be trapped at the edge of the roof and seep down into the insulation.

It takes expertise and experience in mold removal to locate all the mold colonies and repair the damage. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best choice to ensure your home is free and safe from mold. For fast and efficient mold remediation, call us today.

When to Schedule Janitorial Cleaning Services for Your Mankato, MN Business

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides flexible scheduling to complete all your cleaning needs.

What does your office calendar look like for the holidays? If all or part of your staff will be away for a day or more, that is the ideal time for a top to bottom office cleaning. Even if you have a staff janitor, it pays to bring in extra help for a comprehensive cleaning while employees and customers aren’t present. With our professional team and superb janitorial services, ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca can make your business look like new overnight!

When we have the entire place to ourselves, we can move in with more people, more equipment, and accomplish more in less time. This saves you time and money. Whether it’s commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or all of the above, we’ll do it better and more efficiently than most commercial cleaning companies by using state-of-the-art technology and techniques. If your company is closed to prepare for a sales event, inventory, a holiday, or just a long weekend, we can make your business space look new again. We’ll get your offices and conference areas spotless for holiday customers or clients, and it will be that much cleaner for your office holiday party, business receptions, or meetings. If you’re in retail, service, or the professions, a clean facility makes the best statement to anyone who comes in. Why take any chances, especially during the busiest season of the year?

If you don’t have a regular janitorial service, or if you were thinking about supplementing your current cleanup crew, now is a great time to try out our cleaning services. We will meet your timetable and budget while concentrating on what you need most. We can give your operation that extra edge over the competition when it comes to sparkling windows, spotless restrooms, and that fresh smell everyone mentions when they stop by. For the best janitorial services team and the cleanest business in town, call ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca today for your commercial cleaning needs in south central Minnesota.


For emergency service, call 1-800-596-0063 or submit a service request.



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