Mold Removal Can Happen Year-Round

Living in Mankato, MN, in the winter months often means contending with cold weather and dry skin, but unfortunately, dry air doesn’t guarantee that mold will stay away from your home. Water damage appears in many forms, but the important fact to remember is that it can happen at any time, year-round. Even if it feels like all of the water in the world is currently frozen, you can still suffer from a home water event. And where there’s water, there’s mold. ServiceMaster of Mankato is available year-round for all of your mold removal needs; come rain, shine, or heaps and heaps of snow.


Mold may thrive in warm and humid environments, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it to manifest during the colder months. In fact, mold growth can occur frequently, thanks to winter water damage, condensation from heating devices, and over-utilizing hot water in your bathroom or kitchen. The combination of cold outside air and warm indoor temperatures can often result in dampness and dripping. Preventing this situation requires excellent insulation, which not every home has in abundance. Even a single window with poor insulation could lead to a solitary, risky damp spot.


Preventing mold in the winter is similar to methods in the warmer months. If you spot a problem area, address it immediately. If you ignore a spot that may need mold removal in its early stages, those moldy spots could spread rapidly. Areas with water-based heating should be regularly inspected. Plus, common areas with poor insulation such as roofs, basements, and attics should be checked for leaking, runoff, or melt. As soon as water damage is detected, it should be reported to the appropriate mold removal and water damage experts.


Homeowners in Mankato, MN, struggling with winter water damage, unexpected mold growth, or who are in need of mold removal services can contact ServiceMaster of Mankato at (507) 388-6339 or by visiting our website for additional information.

Mold Removal in Mankato and Waseca, MN

Why remove mold from your home? Three reasons immediately come to mind: The health of your family, the investment in your home, and the risk of further damage. Mold is a living, growing organism that will feed on almost any material from paper to wood. As long as there are organic molecules available and a moist environment, mold spores will thrive. It doesn’t take much; any kind of water vapor in an enclosed space for a day or two will do the trick. We know. It’s our job to find mold and remove it. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca performs mold removal and repair in Waseca and Blue Earth counties and surrounding MN communities.

The Environmental Protection Agency says presence of mold in a home can contribute to both asthma and other allergic conditions, and can irritate the nose, throat, nasal passages and lungs of individuals with no history of immune-related or respiratory illness. Skin rashes are also possible. Sometimes the affect is delayed by hours or days.

Clues that you may have mold in your home:

  • Water discoloration on wallboard, wallpaper, mopboards, or other exposed surfaces
  • Condensation on windows, pipes, or other surfaces
  • Pipes or faucets that drip
  • Any type of pooled water or flood
  • A damp smelling basement
  • Mildew odors

Mold can be white or black in color and can appear on almost anything, even the interior wood of the structure itself. If you see indications of mold in one area it’s more than likely that it exists in areas you can’t see. We will check for mold in all suspect areas and determine how best to get rid of it. We then take all appropriate steps to remove it, stop it from spreading, and restore your home to its original safe, healthy environment. The only way of ensuring this is to determine what caused the mold in the first place, and we’ll do that as well. The answer may be as simple as installing a dehumidifier or fixing a leaky pipe you didn’t know about.

We’ll work with plumbing contractors or any other specialists required to ensure the job is done right. If repairs are needed we will remove whatever sections of the structure are damaged and replace them with new, clean materials. If mold has damaged furnishings, draperies, or fine art, we can restore that as well. For the best value in residential mold removal and mold damage repair and restoration, contact ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca today.

Mold in Mankato Homes Can Trigger Asthma and Asthma Attacks

Does someone in your family suffer from itchy, red, or watery eyes during certain times of the year? Or perhaps they have a recurring cough, sneezing, or nasal congestion. That may not be a cold virus, but rather an allergy. If it happens when the house is closed during the winter months, or if you see signs of it starting in the fall, it may be a mold allergy. Dampness, trapped by fallen leaves, may activate mold spores in the fall. Closing bedroom windows at night may help. In the winter, mold may be caused by leaky pipes or groundwater seeping into the basement. The water becomes trapped beneath carpeting or is absorbed into drywall or other building materials. This provides the two elements necessary for mold growth: Relative warmth and food for growth. Mold may be easy to smell, but hard to find. That’s why a professional mold removal service like ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best solution.

Physicians at Mayo Clinic warn against household mold, not simply because of the initial symptoms, but also because the spores can trigger asthma attacks, chronic fungal sinusitis (often confused with colds), and a lung condition called aspergillosis. This fungal condition can happen to people with asthma or cystic fibrosis. None of this is good, but all of it can be prevented. It helps to frequently change your furnace filters and to use a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner to eliminate damp air. Get rid of items that can easily collect mold, such as stored paper products, old newspapers and magazines, or old books that may have gotten wet at one time. It’s also wise to avoid carpeting altogether in basements or sub-ground rooms. Replace it with tile that can be readily cleaned and inspected.

If you have had any kind of leak or water damage in the lower levels of your home, you probably have mold present in the house. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca will be able to locate mold of any kind and take action to remove it. We’ll can also advise you on what steps to take to prevent it from coming back. That may include improving your groundwater drainage in your yard or repairing foundation cracks. You owe it to your family and to your investment in your home to keep your house free from mold. In Mankato, Waseca and surrounding communities, call us for mold removal and confidence that you have a healthy home.

Common Causes of Mold in Mankato, MN Homes

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides mold removal services throughout the Mankato-area.

“Where did all of that mold come from?” It’s not an uncommon question. Most people realize they have some level of mold in their home. They can smell the mildew or musty odor. Yet, many are surprised at the extent of the problem, and few have an idea of where it all started. The sources of mold can range from simple humidity – excess water vapor in enclosed spaces – to an outright and obvious flood. The result is a spore that lands on material it can consume. It turns into a colony of mold that might appear as a black smudge or stain on a section of wallpaper, baseboard, or wood. More often than not, you don’t see it. It’s hidden behind the walls or in dark corners of your basement or crawlspace. Still, it’s there, and it’s growing. To get rid of it, you need a professional mold remediation service to find it, remove it, and restore the area to a clean and safe environment. For residential mold removal and remediation, call ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.

To get back to our original question, the sources of mold are almost endless. Moisture can come from a single source: A tiny water leak or major pipe break, or from a sewer backup or washing machine overflow. The cause may include moisture over time. During humid summer months, trapped air may be enough to dampen wallboard and other surfaces in basements and rooms that are normally cool to the touch. If your air conditioning goes offline for a few days, it may be enough to cause this kind of condensation. Water can also condense on overhead pipes in areas with contrasting temperatures. The water can then drip for days or weeks onto ceiling tile or drywall. Moisture can also develop in interior walls due to ice jams on your roof in winter. Water can be trapped at the edge of the roof and seep down into the insulation.

It takes expertise and experience in mold removal to locate all the mold colonies and repair the damage. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best choice to ensure your home is free and safe from mold. For fast and efficient mold remediation, call us today.

How to Detect Mold in Your Mankato, MN Home

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides mold removal throughout the Mankato, MN area.

Standing water, condensation, or merely the presence of damp air is all it takes to leave your home or business subject to mold. Mold spores are light enough to blow in from any source and lie dormant until being activated by the combination of water and food. Food in this case can be almost anything that contains paper, wood or wood byproducts, including wallboard, wallpaper, two-by-fours, or plywood in your subfloor. It’s not hard to determine if you have mold. Just inhale. If you smell something dank and damp, it’s probably mold, and you definitely want to get rid of it. It’s not only a health risk for those living or working in the structure, but it lowers the property value. It won’t go away by itself; it will only get worse unless you contact a professional mold removal service like ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca.

Visible clues for mold include black smudges on baseboards or discoloration on wood surfaces. It’s not always noticed because it occurs in low-lying areas that are often in darkness or shadow. If you’ve experienced water spills, sewage or drainage backup into your basement or crawlspace, leaks from pipes, washing machine overflow, seepage from wall cracks or from basement windows during storms, or periods of high humidity, you may well have mold. If you have put off buying a dehumidifier for your basement, it may already be too late. If you’ve endured a flood, without immediate water removal, it’s a certainty that mold is around you.

We can test for mold in areas that can’t be viewed and analyze the extent of the damage. Once we undertake mold removal in your home, we can also provide suggestions and plans to keep mold from returning. Mold removal is something to consider, especially as we move into the winter months when the house will be closed more tightly, with less fresh air in circulation. You don’t want your family to be breathing mold all winter. For the best in mold removal, contact ServiceMaster of Mankato/ Waseca and let us make your home healthy again.

Mold Removal in Waseca Homes and Businesses

ServiceMaster of Mankato provides mold remediation services and black mold elimination in Waseca, MN.

To most people, mold may not seem like quite a threat. It’s just an organism that helps with decay and breakdown in nature, isn’t it? While that is true, when mold gains a foothold in your home, it becomes more of a nuisance than a help. Mold can cause health problems for those in your building, so remediation is necessary, always. Be sure to call ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca for mold removal services in Waseca, MN.

Mold can cause health problems for your family and friends in two ways. First, exposure to mold spores can cause an immune reaction with the body’s defensive system, producing antibodies to combat the allergens. Once the exposure is over, the antibodies remain, leaving the immune system sensitized to mold. Any time the slightest contact with mold reoccurs the person can suffer allergy symptoms which include itching, watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and respiratory discomfort.

Secondary concerns lay with the far more serious illnesses mold can inflict upon a person at the time of exposure. The Mayo Clinic states that mold can also have a toxic or poisonous effect where mold irritates the airways and lungs. This irritation not only causes the above listed allergy symptoms but also pneumonia, flu-like symptoms, headaches, extreme fatigue, dizziness and problems thinking. It all depends on the type of mold, the extent of the exposure, and the individual’s original health.

Anyone can be at risk for health issues from mold, but risk is more likely when they live or work in a structure that has been damp for some time. If not properly and immediately attended to, floods and water damage almost always leave moisture behind in a building. This allows mold to grow and thrive behind dry wall and other contained areas where droplets can be trapped and the spores can find food, such as wood or paper.

Mold can also thrive in any home in a humid climate. If the humidity in an enclosed space exceeds 60 percent, it’s enough to support mold colonies. Moisture can also come from condensation on water pipes, seepage, leaks, or poor drainage. Poor ventilation can also cause mold, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Basements are almost always suspected because that’s where most of the exposed piping is, along with open drains and cooler temperatures. Mold can also crop up under carpets or padding, wallpaper, baseboards, on ducting, wood supports, or in crawl spaces.

The best protection from mold is prevention by using dehumidifiers and creating ample ventilation. The second step is mold removal and remediation, where a professional team locates the mold, removes it, replaces the damaged parts of your building, and then takes protective measures to keep it from recurring.

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca is the professional mold removal company that you need in Waseca, MN. Proper remediation includes removing mold, treating the source of moisture, and making sure that mold spores are also removed. Contact ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca immediately for mold removal and to keep your building (and its inhabitants) healthy.

Mold Removal in Mankato, MN

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides Mold Removal Services in Mankato, MN

It seems odd that a particle less than half the width of a human hair could cause so much damage and distress. Yet, every year, mold takes its toll on property and health in homes and businesses across the country. With the degree of moisture present in Mankato and Waseca, MN this summer, mold spores are growing and spreading behind walls and in damp, lower-lying areas in your home or business. ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca is your best option for mold removal and remediation.

Temperature, moisture, and a food source are all it takes for mold spores to propagate. It eats almost anything organic or made from organic components. That includes cardboard, paper, wood, and many types of building materials, as well as many textiles and fabrics. Mold can even survive and grow on stainless steel if there is organic residue on the surface. Temperature is less of a factor. While warm and humid conditions are ideal, mold can still grow in the cold. Mold detection, removal, and mold damage repair are specialties of ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca.

You can usually detect mold with your nose. Spore colonies are distinguished by a damp or musty smell, especially in basements and close areas. You may or may not see any signs of mold – patches of black or dark green on mopboards or drywall – but it may already be causing allergies among your family members or employees. Let ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca handle mold removal in your house or facility. Call us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll find the mold and make your surroundings healthy again.


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