Spring Brings Carpet, Tile and Grout, and Hard Floor Cleaning in Mankato, MN

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and hard floor cleaning in Mankato, MN and the surrounding communities!

As the seasons shift, we’re reminded that the difference between winter and spring in Minnesota can sometimes be a gray area. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just what season it is, given spring snowstorms and multiple thaws that may precede them. At ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca we know how those shifts in weather can cause havoc with the appearance of your business, whether it’s your hard surface floor cleaning, tile, grout, or carpeted floors. The gray area we mentioned may also describe the layers of built-up filth on those surfaces after the long, long season of snow and grime we’ve endured this year!

If your facility or business includes one or all of these flooring types, consider how much better it will look after ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca performs an expert and thorough floor cleaning on all of your rooms in one day. We can do that during a time that will cause the least disruption to your operation. With our state-of-the-science grout cleaning techniques, we will get the mud and gravel particles out of your grout and get your tile floors shining again, letting the original color come through. The severe weather this year has kept many people from making non-essential shopping or business trips, even locally. As the climate improves, be ready for new customers with a clean building.

Commercial carpet cleaning is one of our specialties. The long winter season may have left your carpets mottled with patches of mud, crud, sand, or salt, and the stains they can cause. Your once beautiful beige carpet may now be an unbecoming shade of pastel gray or brown. We can make your carpets bright and clean again with one visit. Whether it’s cleaning a single office, an entire floor, building, or complex, we can handle your needs with our commercial floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Contact ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca today.

The Toughest Carpet Cleaning in Mankato

Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster of Mankato in Minnesota

A friend told us about what she considered a “worst case” carpet stain scenario. During the house warming party for their new home, a toddler spilled orange soda on their new white carpeting. Unfortunately, the spill was not discovered until long after the party, and the stain was well set. Drinks with artificial colorings as well as red wine with its naturally dark pigments can be challenges when it comes to carpet stains. For stubborn stains, call ServiceMaster of Mankato to knock out those stains with our professional carpet cleaning service.

For small spills, the best response is to act while the carpet is still wet and before the stain sets into the fibers. Had our friend blotted up the soda right away and then used a soap and enzyme-based cleaner, she would have been better off. If you have carpeting it’s not a bad idea to have a spray bottle of water handy and a supply of paper towels or an absorbent cloth stored with the sprayer. With your “stain extinguisher” you can dilute the liquid and minimize the damage. Then immediately blot up the liquid.

Too often people think they have to scrub the spill away. This will actually force fluids and particles deep into the carpet fibers, making it harder to clean later on and perhaps cause permanent damage. Always blot, sop, and absorb; don’t rub or scrub when first attacking a spill. Get as much of the offending material up and then systematically go after the rest, using the appropriate combination of cleaners.

Thanks to today’s carpeting protectants, a gentle soap and water solution will be sufficient. In cases of strong pigments you may try a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide, followed by soap and water. For stains with ammonia content such as pet accidents, absorb as much as possible first, then use soap and water solutions and use baking soda as a final treatment, vacuuming it up later. Always make sure whatever you use on the carpet is not going to harm it. Don’t use peroxide anywhere near its full strength and avoid anything with bleach as an active ingredient.

With bloodstains always spray with cold water or ice water first to help release and dilute the blood before absorbing the liquid.

Do-it-yourself tips are always helpful, but if done incorrectly can actually make the stain worse or permanent. If you are struggling with stains in your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Employing the expertise of a residential carpet cleaning company is well worth it when it comes to protecting the investment in your home. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca can tackle the toughest stains and dirtiest carpets. Contact us today and we will gladly treat, clean, sanitize and deodorize your carpets to renew their original beauty and freshness!

Mankato/Waseca Residential Cleaning and a Healthy Home

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca provides Residential Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in Waseca and Mankato, MN

Nobody has to remind you how cold it is. You’ve spent enough time in the house looking out at the frigid conditions, glad to be indoors. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the coldest time of the year occurs during National Stay Healthy Month. Though each part of the country adapts that theme to their regional conditions, Mankato and Waseca residents are contending with colds, flu and respiratory illnesses. The arctic cold isn’t the cause, but it can negatively impact our immune system, putting us at a higher risk to catching some of these nasty seasonal bugs. ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca residential cleaning and carpet cleaning can help eliminate the spread of the flu bug in Waseca and Mankato, MN.

A big factor working against staying healthy: more people are inside most of the time. The term “cabin fever” may have more to it than a need to be outdoors. The sub-zero climate keeps most people together, exposed to each other and whatever contaminants have settled upon or been ground into their carpets over the fall and early winter. It’s hard to stay healthy in a house that’s not clean. The list of what is lurking in the fibers of your floor coverings may surprise you. Crumbs, spills, decaying food, skin cells, smoke particles and even dust mites may be part of the stuff beneath your feet. The family pets may add to the potpourri in your pile carpet: hair, more dried skin cells, dirt from paws, and traces of the accidents they’ve had in recent months. You can hand clean and spot treat, but you can’t get rid of everything.

You make sure your family eats well, gets a reasonable amount of sleep and gets a flu shot. Why not give them another edge against illness? Call a residential cleaning service. ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca offers expert residential cleaning and carpet cleaning. We will see that your carpets are healthy again and do the same with your hard surface floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Don’t let the National Stay Healthy Month be the month you get sick, call ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca today!


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