Investing in Your Comfort at Home with Carpet Cleaning in Mankato, MN

Carpet cleaning is treated by many as one of the necessary evils in the world of home care. It takes time, money, effort, and—depending upon your method—can leave behind strong chemical smells for days at a time. Sometimes for Mankato, MN, area homeowners, the hassle is just not worth the effort. But the carpet cleaning professionals with ServiceMaster of Mankato want to remind all carpet owners of the world that investing a little time and energy in carpet cleaning is an investment that has big returns.

The aesthetic benefits of carpet cleaning are one of the biggest benefits of practicing regular cleaning. A clean carpet can make a drab space look brighter, can make a stiff room feel comfier, and can help visitors understand that they are welcome all in one fell swoop. When a carpet is clean, it can effectively raise up every other aspect of a room. And of course, the opposite is true as well. Even if your furniture, walls, and curtains are immaculate, a dirty carpet sends an unpleasant message that is very difficult to overcome. Carpet cleaning has plenty of aesthetic purposes beyond simple hygiene, but the hygiene aspect isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

The nature of carpet is that it’s fibrous and covers a large area. That means, no matter how hard you hope it doesn’t happen, it’s bound to pick up particles and dirt over time. If left to its own devices, it can become a big sponge for just about anything that can make a person sneeze. Or, depending on how long it goes uncleaned, it can even develop an unpleasant smell.

A dirty, neglected carpet is a carpet that doesn’t last. Even if it doesn’t seem to be obviously hurting from a lack of attention, the fibers that it’s comprised of can break down little by little due to friction from dirt, sand, and other rough materials. By regularly maintaining clean carpets, you’re contributing to a carpet with a much longer life and (maybe more important) a much better smell.

If your Mankato, MN, home is in need of some serious carpet cleaning, call today for information at (507) 388-6339 or visit our website here for additional details on how clean carpets might be just the thing you need to add some energy back into your carpeted living space.

Strategically Confronting Carpet Stains in Waseca, MN

Unexpected carpet stains are more or less an inevitability in life. Unless you resolve to cover your carpets in plastic year-round, there is a very high chance that stains will occur regardless of who or what lives in your Waseca, MN, home. The good news is that by no means are all carpet stains impossible to remove. The bad news is that the difficulty varies widely, depending on what exactly your carpet is contending with. Sometimes a little professional carpet cleaning assistance from ServiceMaster of Waseca is just what you need to ensure that your cream-colored carpet doesn’t live out the rest of its days with a single red polka dot smack dab in the middle.

When a carpet stain occurs suddenly it can be difficult not to react on instinct. Sometimes this is a good thing, but often you can make the problem worse. For instance, scrubbing isn’t always the best thing for carpet fibers, and it can do more harm than good. Similarly, using vinegar or other improvised cleaning solutions can cause a carpet stain to spread and sink in more deeply. If you must react quickly, dabbing with a damp (not soaked) clean cloth of warm water is a great way to start without getting overzealous.

If a stain has already set, you’re faced with another handful of conundrums. Namely, what method of carpet cleaning is best for which type of stain? This can be a tough one because in the wide, wide world of cleaning in which there are an overwhelming number of options. Cleaners with bleach, all-natural cleaners, steamers, leave-ins, foams, gels: if you can picture it, then it probably exists in a spray bottle. The problem only worsens when it becomes apparent that applying an improper cleaner can lead to tough fibers, discoloration, and additional stains on top of the original mess. In these cases, a consultation with professional carpet cleaners can get you on the right track.

If a stain is too large or too bright to remove with a little home-brewed ingenuity, relying on professional carpet cleaning services can restore your carpet to its rightful state. For questions or concerns regarding carpet stains in Waseca, MN, contact ServiceMaster of Waseca for information on our professional carpet cleaning options. Call us at (507) 835-4799 or visit our website for additional details.

Homes with Kids and Pets Need Special Upholstery Cleaning in Waseca, MN

Babies and “fur babies.” We love them! But they can sure take a toll on our home furnishings! When you consider how much money you spent on your soft furnishings for your Waseca, MN, home, doesn’t it just make sense to keep them clean and protected? ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca can help keep your upholstery clean and free of dirt, stains, allergens, and even pests with our professional upholstery cleaning services.

Try as you may to keep the worst offenders such as staining foods and mud off your couch, sticky fingers and dirty paws can work against you. Even just normal day-to-day foot traffic can bring in all sorts of dirt and undesirable debris, and any of it, unfortunately, can end up on your couch or other upholstered furnishing. Once there it works its way into the fibers, causing the fabric to look dingy and worn. A professional upholstery cleaning can extract the grime and leave your furnishings looking new again.

If you have specialty upholstery or antique furnishings, our technicians can assess and apply the required cleaning methods for them. We can pretreat and spot clean if necessary as well. We can even clean certain textiles that are found in window treatments! Don’t confuse our services with the DIY grocery store cleaning machines you can rent and their special cleaning chemicals. Those devices and products can’t begin to touch our state-of-the-art methods for cleaning and extraction, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing a trained and experienced technician took care of the cleaning for you.

Why spend your money on replacing the furniture in your Waseca, MN, home when you can maintain it with upholstery cleaning that costs much less? You’ll be able to keep your furniture looking fresh and clean and guarantee your beloved family members, relatives, and friends are sitting on thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized upholstery. For the best in upholstery cleaning services, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Mankato/Waseca at (507) 835-4799 to schedule your cleaning today!

3 Solid Reasons Why Mankato, MN Homeowners Need Carpet Cleaning Services

You’re a homeowner in Mankato, MN. You have decisions you need to make for your home on a daily basis. You make those decisions by answering the question—What reason do I have to do this?

In more overt cases, you do things like go to work because you have to provide for your family.

In subtler cases, you may make the decision to do something like buying an expensive coffee maker because it will save money over buying a tall latte at Starbucks every day.

Sometimes you make these decisions constantly. Other times you make them intuitively.

Our job, as a top provider of carpet cleaning services in Mankato, MN, is to provide sound reasons why our services are for you. That’s it. No need for fancy tricks. What we do is straightforward and effective. After reading this list of reasons why carpet cleaning services could be needed at your home, make the decision to work with us.

  • Lack of time – When you’ve had carpeting in your home for a while, you’ll inevitably want to give it a good cleaning from time to time. You see your carpet everyday and cleaning it is on your radar, but it gets lost in the shuffle because of all your other responsibilities. Instead of waiting until you have the time to clean your carpet, rely on a professional.
  • Long periods without cleaning – Why do you shower? Is it for ethical or moral reasons? No, you shower because your body accumulates substances that, if not dealt with, will be at most unpleasant for you and others, and at worse, pose an actual health risk. Obviously, your body and your home aren’t equivalent for analogy, but the point is to think of cleaning your carpet as a ‘must’ instead of a ‘should.’ Why must you clean your carpets periodically and keep dirt, debris, and grime from building up? A short list of reasons includes wear and tear, health risks (especially during allergy season), property value, replacement costs, and more. There are many practical and frankly imperative reasons why carpet cleaning services are necessary.
  • Events – If you have an important event coming up—an open house, a holiday party, or any other event where many people will attend—you want to make a good impression on your visitors. We saved this reason for last because it might be the most impactful one. Nobody wants to make a bad impression. Failing to utilize carpet cleaning services won’t guarantee you’ll make a bad impression by any means, but it does guarantee you haven’t made the maximum effort to make a good impression.

By now, the reasons for working with us to provide carpet cleaning services for your home should be clear. The next step should be even clearer, but we’ll say it anyway. Pick up the phone, call (507) 388-6339, and schedule your appointment today.

The Leading Causes of Carpet Stains and Discoloration and How Professional Carpet Cleaning in Waseca, MN Can Help

Carpeting in all areas of the home is exposed to contaminants and stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s bacteria, debris, or foot traffic, there’s a lot that can cause damage to your carpets if they aren’t given the routine care they need. Taking the correct damage control precautions can make all the difference in preserving the longevity and quality of your carpeting. With ServiceMaster of Mankato & Waseca, you can count on our professional carpet cleaning in Waseca, MN, to keep your carpets looking better for much longer.

One of the most common problems we see in carpets, is damage from carpet stains and discoloration. The issue with common staining materials—other than the unattractive marks they leave on your carpet fibers—is their high acidity. The substances that stain carpets can also often burn and degrade carpet fibers.

The most common materials that stain and discolor carpeting include:

  1. Food: Frequently present around carpets, food and drink can cause severe problems if they come into contact with your carpet fibers. High acid foods like coffee, tea, wine, tomato-based foods, and sodas pose an additional danger, degrading the integrity of your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning can remove food particles and unsightly spots in virtually all of these cases
  2. Cleaning Products: While some cleaning solutions are designed for carpets and won’t negatively affect standard carpets, there are several cleaners that can burn and damage your carpet fibers, leaving behind discolored spots. Bleach and ammonia-based products will often be damaging to your carpets. Our carpet cleaning technicians use gentle, effective cleaning solutions that restore your carpet without harsh chemicals. We also use specialized cleaners for different types of carpets, such as synthetic versus natural fiber carpets
  3. Mold: In the right conditions, mold can thrive in carpet fibers. Because most mold colonies contain spores that can darken and stain your carpet fibers, these growths can leave your floors looking less than perfect. Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster of Mankato & Waseca prevents mold from taking hold and removes any existing mold spores that have settled in your carpeting
  4. Foot Traffic: Unavoidable though it may be, consistent foot traffic on your carpets can lead to graying carpet fibers over time. However, with the care our carpet cleaning technicians can provide, that process can be slowed considerably when your carpet fibers are given the right care, professional cleaning, and grooming.

Discoloration and carpet stains may seem hard to avoid, but with the attention of a professional carpet cleaning crew, your carpet can stay safe from the majority of stain damage. For more information about professional carpet cleaning in Waseca, MN, contact ServiceMaster of Mankato & Waseca at (507) 835-4799 today!

Why You Should Consider Carpet Cleaning Instead of Carpet Replacement for Your Mankato, MN, Home

You’ve had enough. You’re fed up. You’re sick of looking at them.

You see them as you walk up the stairs and reach the landing. You see them in the corner of your eye while you walk through your living room. When you wake up in the morning, you spot them a few feet from where you rest.

What do you see? You see stains.

Stains accumulate slowly. You have one accidental spill at Thanksgiving here and one toddler incident there. You try your best to maintain your carpets appearance by using spot stain remover, vacuum powder, and perhaps even a rented carpet-cleaning machine.

Ultimately, your efforts are in vain. You reach a point where you can’t look in any direction of your Mankato, MN, home without seeing a stain.

“That’s it,” you tell yourself. It’s time to replace your carpets.

Or Is It?

 If it seems like your carpets have reached the point of no return, it’s because you haven’t utilized the services of a professional carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster of Mankato!

If you had, you’d realize it’s almost never too late to restore your carpets back to their former glory with deep carpet cleaning services only the pros can provide.

Our 3-step process ensures your carpet will essentially look brand new:

  1. Assessment and spot treatment – We’ll assess your carpet to find problem areas and tough stains. Afterward, we’ll use our proprietary spot-treating solution to chemically dismantle the particles tough stains are comprised of. We use a solution you can’t find over the counter!
  2. Thorough deep carpet cleaning – Our machines are built to reach deep into the fibers of your carpets; areas that go untouched by the vast majority of vacuums and carpet cleaning machinery.
  3. Post inspection – After your carpet dries, we’ll review every inch of fabric to ensure your carpet is immaculate. This service also includes post-treatment of those same pre-treated stains to eradicate them for good.

Of course, buying brand new carpet would be an upgrade, but considering the amount spent, you can receive just as much—if not more—value from professional carpet cleaning.

Consider giving your carpet a second chance before you part with it. To learn more about professional carpet cleaning in Mankato, MN, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (507) 388-6339.

Carpet Cleaning Services for the Holidays in Mankato, MN, by ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca

The holidays for many people mean more friends and family stopping by to visit your Mankato, MN, home.  With more foot traffic in your home it may seem counter-intuitive to have your carpets cleaned before people arrive, but there are some great reasons to do it now rather than later!

Lingering Smells

Living in our homes day in and day out desensitizes us to smells that may linger in our homes and in our carpets. Musty smells, grease, kid or pet odor may be something you’ve just gotten used to, but guests will detect them.  Why let the smells of delicious cooking compete with that? A thorough carpet cleaning will remove the offending smells.

Kids at play

If you’ve got a houseful, chances are you’ve got kids there too. Kids sitting on floors playing with new presents and toys, babies crawling on the floor, toddlers walking and falling, you get the picture. ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca will come in and evaluate the high traffic areas and specially treat those parts of the carpet that children may frequent. You won’t have to worry about the kids crawling around on floors that are dirty and grimy.

Stain Prevention
With more people in the house, more holiday cheer is consumed!  When food and drink is spilled on an already dirty carpet the dirt and grime make it more difficult to lift the sticky substances off the fibers of the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service scheduled several times a year not only keeps your carpets looking great, it extends the life of your carpet.

Our highly-trained technicians will:

  • Inspect your carpets and evaluate the areas that most need attention.
  • Pre-treat any spots and stains
  • Apply the specialized carpet cleaning solution to loosen dirt and debris
  • Thoroughly rinse your carpets using hot water with commercial-grade equipment
  • Conduct an inspection to post-treat any stains that remain
  • Groom your carpets for quick drying and a uniform appearance
  • Perform a final walkthrough to guarantee your satisfaction

ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca’s trained technicians have been helping people in the greater Mankato, MN, area ring in the holidays with cleaner carpets! We do both residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning services and would be happy to talk to you more about your needs in your home as well as your office to make the season a bit brighter with cleaner carpets!

Give Your Waseca, MN, Home the “Spa Treatment” With Residential Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy more free time and family activities in and out of your Waseca, MN, home.

Make the smart investment now and enjoy the host of services provided by ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca, MN.

Are you wondering what residential cleaning services entail? Today we’re going to share our full-service offerings that will revitalize your home and give it the look it deserves.

Treat Your Home Right With Residential Cleaning Services

Have you ever received a full spa treatment?

You get a massage, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure, a mud bath, time in the steam room, and little cucumbers covering your eyes while you rest.

Afterward, you feel like a million bucks. It feels like you have a new lease on life. The daily stress of life is washed away and you metaphorically hit the reset button to begin a new phase of productivity.

Why not do the same for your home?

Think about it. Your home likely costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t you think it’d be wise to invest in it a little bit? Especially when the investment in residential cleaning services pales in comparison to that of the home itself.

With residential cleaning services, you can give your home its own “spa treatment” with the following services:

  • Carpet cleaning – Your carpets are the most heavily trafficked areas of your home. Over time, stains, wear, and tear are inevitable. Our carpet cleaning services will literally extend the life of your carpets by removing materials that degrade the quality of your carpet.
  • Upholstery cleaning – If the carpets are the most heavily worn areas of your home, your upholstery is a close second. From furry pets residing on your cushions to popcorn cheese and soda spills on gameday, you likely have substances residing deep into the fibers of your furniture. Our deep upholstery cleaning can help make your furniture look the way it did when it was delivered to your home.
  • Janitorial services – This aspect of residential services covers everything in between. We’ll comb through your home and make sure every surface, nook, and cranny is cleaned with an eye for detail.

Take a mental snapshot of your home as it appears right now.

Now, imagine it after having gone through a residential cleaning service.

You can almost smell the freshness. You can feel the cleanliness. You know that feeling of the air itself being lighter and more transparent? That’s what you’ll experience with residential cleaning services.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (507) 835-4799.

DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning – A Tale of Two Mankato, MN Homeowners

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet at your Mankato, MN home?

If not, you might be thinking of a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach when it comes to cleaning your carpets this year.

Does a DIY approach have some benefits? Sure, but professional carpet cleaning can make a world of difference plus save you time and money in the process.

Allow us to paint a picture for you to help you decide whether a DIY approach or professional carpet cleaning is right for you.

A Day in the Life of a DIY Carpet Cleaner

You head to the store to buy some carpet cleaning products. You buy the powder cleaner that you vacuum to help your carpet smell fresh and you also buy some spot stain remover because you have some problem areas on your carpet that need addressing too.

You get home and you’re ready to go. You apply the powder first, let it sit, then come back to vacuum it. You go over the carpet several times and it picks most of the powder up, but it seems like there’s still a bit of residue left over. You go over the carpet again and again, but a small bit of residue remains. “No worries,” you say to yourself. At least the carpet is fresher than it was previously.

Now it’s time for the spot stain remover. There are four serious problem areas on your carpet. The spot stain remover handles two of them well. The second to last stain gives you some trouble, but you’re able to get rid of it for the most part. It’s still visible, technically, but it’s in the corner of the room where shade usually hits the floor through the window, so it’s okay.

The last stain, however, is a handful and then some. No matter what you do, the stain won’t come out. Your reservoir of elbow grease has run out.

You’re not one to give up easily, though. You’re already tired from the first round of cleaning, but you’re determined to give your Mankato, MN home the fresh spring cleaning it deserves.

You go back to the store. It’s time to call in the big guns. You inquire about renting a steam cleaner. They say you need to use a credit card to rent the machine. You ask why you can’t just use cash. Well, with the credit card you’re on the hook for damage done to the machine. They must protect themselves against your vigor and enthusiastic use of the machine getting out of hand.

You grudgingly hand over your card and rent the machine. Now your heart, soul, and money are invested into cleaning this carpet.

You finally get home and use the machine on your carpet. That stubborn stain you nearly removed in the corner? Gone. The stain you couldn’t defeat whatsoever the first round? You get rid of it to a degree, but there’s still the faintest hint of it—a hint one would only see when glancing at a certain angle in the right light.

But you know it’s there.

Oh well. You did the best you could.

A Day in the Life of Someone Who Hires a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

 There are four serious problem areas on your carpet and you decide it’s time to get it cleaned. You call ServiceMaster of Mankato for professional carpet cleaning services.

They show up to your home, set up their top line machinery, and get to work.

While they eradicate every stain on your carpet, you sit outside on your deck sipping lemonade while watching your kids play in the yard.

They let you know they’re finished. You say “Wow! My carpet looks new again!”

You enjoy the rest of your day.

Choose ServiceMaster of Mankato for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

 Why roll up your sleeves for do it yourself carpet cleaning when you could simply pick up the phone and get professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price with outstanding quality?

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment in Mankato, MN, please contact us at (507) 388-6339.

Waseca Carpet Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca, MN

If you live in Waseca, MN, you know mid-winter is the time for the annual Sleigh and Cutter Festival, consisting of several weekends of events for everyone from ice sculpting to sleigh rides and, of course, the big parade. It’s also a time when friends and family get together. People don’t spend all their time outdoors. They’ll end up back at your home for dinner, lunch, or perhaps just drinks for an evening. You’ll want to make sure you’re ready. Now is the time to ensure your carpet and rugs are clean. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is your best choice when it comes to professional carpet cleaning services.

Perhaps your business is planning special promotions for the festival or anticipating an increase in foot traffic to your retail or professional establishment. Whether it’s an office setting, a retail store, or restaurant, you’ll want to leave a good impression on customers, especially out-of-town visitors. Perhaps your facility or organization is planning to offer public tours or an open house. It’s a time when everyone wants to put the best face on the community. Consider your carpets. Are they ready? Commercial carpet cleaning is a primary ServiceMaster specialty. We’ll inspect your carpet and advise on a regular cleaning schedule that meets with your needs and business hours. Commercial carpet cleaning maintains your investment in your floor coverings and makes them that much easier to clean each time if a regular schedule is established.

Winter is an especially hard time on carpets, with people tracking in dirt, mud, and worst of all, road salt that can discolor and actually cut the carpet’s fibers. Continuous foot traffic deeply embeds and crushes the crystals into the threads, causing damage that will decrease the life of the carpet and your investment. More modern chemicals are being used to melt ice, especially at lower temperatures. These caustic chemicals, whether in liquid or solid form, can also be tracked in and damage your carpets.

Waseca, MN is a small community, but its spirit and pride are obvious every year during the festival. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is proud to be part of the Waseca community, and we will do our best for you when it comes to carpet cleaning services  and any of our other services.



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