The Many Benefits of All-Season Janitorial Services for Schools in Minnesota

Winter tends to do a number on Waseca, MN, area schools. Depending on the extent of the winter weather, school closings may be frequent, freezing pipes can be a danger, and tracked-in mud and salt is practically a guarantee. Regardless of these seasonal norms, with regular school cleaning, none of the winter issues should affect the learning environment at your school. ServiceMaster of Waseca offers expert janitorial services for any number of commercial and educational environments that can ensure consistent, safe, and healthy learning at your facilities.


Janitorial services in schools accomplish much more than maintaining shiny floors and wiped-down tables. At ServiceMaster of Waseca, health and safety are the foremost concern of our school cleaning staff. The spread of disease and germs is a major concern for students, staff, and administrators alike, especially in the winter months. Without adequate cleaning, the spread of a simple winter cold can be devastating to the entire school population. Our school cleaning professionals thoroughly clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces to stymie the spread of contagion whenever possible. 


Our cleaning experts also understand that unobtrusiveness is a matter of significant importance while dealing with an educational setting. Maintaining up-to-standard conditions and addressing problem areas while ensuring that school activities continues uninterrupted is essential. Cleaning is accomplished effectively without intruding on class time or physically disrupting educational spaces. This includes routine school cleaning and situational mess mitigation.


And, of course, the comfort of your students is considered as well. By maintaining bright, clean, and welcoming spaces our school cleaning services contribute to a healthy and high-functioning educational space. With our expert janitorial services students will never feel impeded by stifling environments. Our school cleaning also ensures that students with allergies, asthma, or other health conditions can feel safe and comfortable at school and in class.


At ServiceMaster of Waseca, we want to help your students work, study, and thrive at school. Contact our professional school cleaning janitorial services today for information on how you can clean up your Waseca, MN, school environment. Visit our website or call (507) 835-4799 for more information today.

Keeping a Healthy Work Environment with Commercial Cleaning

Winter is the time of year in Mankato, MN, that is notorious for rampant illness, especially in office environments. Everyone is indoors, air isn’t circulating, and germs are everywhere. It’s important to remember that with these factors in play, commercial cleaning isn’t only about appearances. Great commercial cleaning is also about health. The commercial cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster of Mankato understand that physical health, social health, and mental health can all be impacted by effective (or ineffective) office cleaning.


Preserving one’s physical health is the most obvious benefit of great office cleaning. As a whole, it involves getting rid of germs, preventing the spread of common illness, and even mitigating allergies and asthma. Not only does this keep employees feeling great, it also helps maintain productivity and keep workloads steady. With fewer unplanned absences, you can keep your business running smoothly.


But preserving physical health is only one of several notable benefits in the world of commercial cleaning. Perhaps, unexpectedly, clean offices also contribute to the social health of your business or workplace by making sure that the common areas are clean and accessible. Allowing workers to feel safe and comfortable, relaxing and spending time together in shared spaces, can increase communication and improve employee connections. 


Both of these factors combined are also excellent for improving the overall mental health of your employees. You can achieve this by providing a clean and bright work environment that they operate within every day. Dirty, dusty, and dark environments can impact morale significantly and even reduce productivity. By investing in expert commercial cleaning, you can make your office welcoming, keep your business brighter, and ensure that your employees are happy and healthy. All of these characteristics directly contribute to the overall success of your workplace.


For Mankato, MN, area business owners looking to brighten up their offices with winter, contact the commercial cleaning experts at ServiceMaster of Mankato. Bosses and business owners interested in professional office cleaning services can call us at (507) 388-6339 or visit our website for more information today.

Putting Your Business’s Best Foot Forward with Commercial Floor Cleaning in St. Peter, MN

With all of the hustle and bustle of running a business in St. Peter, MN, a clean floor may be low on your priority list. But it’s important to remember that even the little things can have a huge impact on customers’ impressions, and ServiceMaster of Mankato wants you to remember that floor cleaning might not be quite as little as you think. 


Salt tracks, muddy shoes, workplace spills, and furniture or shoe scuffs can all contribute to a mess that has a direct impact on your overall business image. Regardless of the season, running a business that is open to the public means there will be traffic that creates a mess, but in the winter this is especially problematic. Salt, grit, and snow may enter your business on a regular basis, and without expert floor cleaning, that means obvious stains and residue on everything from tile to marble to wood. For new clients and customers, a lack of effective commercial cleaning can stifle an otherwise excellent first impression. Plus, dirty floors can also cause damage to the material over time.


Allowing sand, salt, and dirt to stand on a floor can grind away at the finish and leave scratches and grooves that contribute to the decline of the quality of the flooring. In turn, this can lead to enough damage that the flooring will need to be replaced or repaired, interrupting the flow of business and adding unexpected costs to your budget. This is true with every type of flooring, and depending on the material in question (such as wood), there may even be a possibility of warping or swelling in the event of excessive mud and water exposure.


This type of damage, plus normal workplace spills and stains, can also increase the potential for trip and slip hazards. Mix these risks with the overall negativity that poor floor cleaning elicits, and dirty floors can have an undesirable impact on morale as working in a dirty or dangerous environment interferes with productivity and motivation. Floor cleaning, simple as it seems, is one piece to a puzzle that leaves workers and clients feeling safe, clean, and happy at your place of business.


Protect your floors and your business image with commercial cleaning and floor cleaning services today. St. Peter, MN, business owners can call ServiceMaster of Mankato’s commercial cleaning experts at (507) 388-6339 or use our easy contact form.

Why Smoke and Smoke Damage Can Make You Choke Long after the Fire Fades

Smoke is more difficult to define than many people would likely expect. Of course, it’s the byproduct of a fire, but what that byproduct consists of varies quite significantly depending on precisely what burned. Some types of smoke, for instance, such as smoke from a candle or incense, may be pleasant in small doses. But it’s important to remember that consistent, regular exposure to smoke from a fire can have an adverse effect on your health. Mankato, MN, residents who have a smoke-impacted home may enlist the help of the smoke removal professionals at ServiceMaster of Mankato to keep their homes smelling fresh, but more importantly, safe to breathe and live in.


Smoke, as previously mentioned, can consist of a variety of different materials, but carbon is generally a constant. Carbon content can be dangerous to inhale because it can irritate your nose, eyes, and throat, and over time, can exacerbate underlying conditions such as allergies, asthma, and other types of breathing disorders. Smoke is also a carcinogen, meaning with enough regular exposure, soot and smoke may be a factor leading to cancer. Even if you aren’t a cigarette smoker, living in a smoky home can still put you and other occupants at risk over time.


It’s also important to remember that smoke can be more dangerous to people with weak or small lungs. This means children or the elderly, but it can also mean family pets. What, at first, may just seem to be an irritating residual smell to a healthy adult can be damaging to people who already have compromised or undersized lungs. Complete smoke removal mitigates these health risks and ensures that your home is once again smelling fresh and fire-free.


After a fire has occurred in your home, whether it was large or small, smoke removal is likely going to be necessary. During the chaos that follows a home fire, smoke damage may seem minimal compared to the other more tangible damage, but ignoring the problem for too long can allow smoke to seep deeper into the materials of your home, slowly becoming more difficult to remove. Rather than allowing smoke damage to settle into all of the nearby nooks and crannies, hire smoke removal professionals who can whisk away those carbon fibers and sooty remains.


If your Mankato, MN, home has experienced smoke damage from a home fire, a smoking habit, or a nearby forest or building fire, you may benefit from smoke removal services. Contact ServiceMaster of Mankato’s smoke damage experts at (507) 388-6339 or by visiting our website for more information. Don’t let smoke become a stubborn member of your household; instead, call today. 

Mitigating Long-Term Consequences of Fire Damage in Waseca, MN

A fire in your Waseca, MN, home is undeniably a disaster, but it isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Unfortunately, the fire itself isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Fire, by nature, is a disaster that tends to linger. Without fire mitigation the damage can worsen, making complete restoration incredibly difficult. The fire damage team at ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca offers multi-step protection and recovery services so your home recovers step by step instead of degrading little by little.


First and foremost, water is one aspect of fire damage restoration that many homeowners don’t think to consider until a home fire happens to them. In a majority of fire damage situations, water is going to be employed to stop the blaze. This is great in terms of overall damage mitigation, but not so great when you realize that all of your belongings are soaked through and in danger of mold growth along with fire damage.


Fire damage mitigation begins with drying your home to prevent these potential side effects and can even include assisting in the recovery of water damaged personal belongings. Protecting your home with mitigation includes protecting the life you built, and fire damage professionals always have this in mind.


At its core, fire damage mitigation focuses around methods of protection. It may mean protecting your home from water damage or your salvageable belongings from the work that is yet to come. After your home has been dried, fire damage experts utilize tarps and covers to separate and secure your home and heirlooms throughout the entire recovery process.


Once your home is dry and covered, fire damage mitigation teams comprehensively clean your home. The cleaning process is essential during damage restoration as it removes dangerous soot and smoke particulates while simultaneously reducing risks of corrosion. Many byproducts created by fire have acidic characteristics that allow them to slowly eat away at materials such as fabric and wood. Without deep cleaning, these particles may sit on surfaces and belongings and slowly chew away at them.


After each of these essential steps is completed the major repairs truly begin, with each individual step vital to the full mitigation process. By preventing and protecting, fire damage restoration professionals can efficiently and completely restore your home.


Waseca, MN, residents who have experienced fire damage and are in need of mitigation services can call ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca today at (507) 835-4799 or visit our website for additional details.

Spotting and Stopping a Sewer Backup before It’s Too Late in Mankato, MN

Modern innovations in home engineering mean that Mankato, MN, homeowners rarely need to think about their plumbing. Though hiccups definitely occur in your home’s pipes on a day-to-day basis, it’s unlikely that you’ll spend too much time pondering the magic of bathroom draining systems. The downside of our high-functioning plumbing systems is that when something does go wrong, it can be hard to know how to react in order to mitigate the worst of the problem…or ideally avoid it entirely. ServiceMaster of Mankato’s team of sewer damage cleanup experts warn homeowners to look and listen for these signs before a little bubbling becomes a bathroom nightmare.


Some early warning signs that a sewer backup might be in your future include unusually slow draining pipes, noticeable sewage smells, odd bubbling of water, and water backing up into other drains in your home. These symptoms can come on suddenly or very gradually over the course of days, weeks, or months. The reason for the variation is largely due to the fact that sewer backups can be caused by all kinds of reasons: overgrown tree roots, pipe clogs, broken pipe lines, frozen pipes—you name it. But as soon as odd signs start to happen with your plumbing, your best next move is contacting professional help.


Stopping a sewer backup before it happens matters because, among other factors, the sewer damage cleanup process isn’t much fun. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, having any of your property or belongings in contact with sewage is something of a nightmare scenario. Plus, as an added downside, interacting with sewage can be dangerous as well as gross. Pests, bacteria, and staining are only some of the potential risks of having sewage in your home. And the longer the problem is ignored, the worse these consequences can become. Be sure to take any odd pipe behavior seriously to prevent a frustrating overflow of sewage.


Sadly, even if you’re vigilant, sewer backups can still happen suddenly and without warning. The good news is that with professional assistance sewer damage cleanup isn’t the end of the world. The restoration team with ServiceMaster of Mankato offers sewer damage cleanup services that can get your house looking and smelling sewage-free in no time.


If you’ve had a run-in with a sewer backup in your Mankato, MN, residence, call ServiceMaster of Mankato’s sewer damage cleanup team for help today at (507) 388-6339! Inquiries can also be made via our website here. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you hear or smell something amiss or life may take a very messy turn for you and your home.

Reliable Post-Construction Cleaning for Your Waseca, MN, Home Projects

Major home construction can feel like putting your entire life on hold. Whether you’re waiting on planned renovations or recovering from unplanned home disasters, you’re likely watching the hours tick by until you can return to your Waseca, MN, home permanently. Unfortunately, construction is a big job and it can leave an appropriately big mess in its wake. The post-construction cleaning team with ServiceMaster of Waseca is prepared to help you get back home as soon as possible after your construction is completed. 


When homeowners picture a completed construction process, they might be picturing walking into a sparkling home that immediately feels just as it did before, but that’s not really the whole story. Regardless of what type of construction was completed, there are a lot of materials that are required to really make home construction feasible. And the nature of these materials is that they often leave residue. It may be sawdust, plaster, paint, or any number of tiny particles. And often, post-construction cleaning takes a little more than some simple vacuuming.


Deep carpet cleaning, window washing, thorough vacuuming, and spot cleaning are all part of the post-construction cleaning process at ServiceMaster of Waseca. All of this and more can prevent lingering smells, allergy risks, and beyond. Instead of moving into a home that feels in progress, effective debris removal and post-construction cleaning can help your dream home a reality soon after the final nail is nailed.


Post-construction cleaning and debris removal is a process that also needs to be done properly for your safety. Even if the overall results are perfect, construction is, at its core, a bit of a messy process. Nails, shrapnel, packaging, dust, and more may still be lingering at your home site. Having professional hands deep clean your home and ensure complete debris removal prior to your return is a great way to prevent accidents and mishaps.


Ensuring that your Waseca, MN, home is ready to be re-inhabited is our job as post-construction cleaning experts at ServiceMaster of Waseca. We put your safety and comfort first, and we are eager to help you re-enter a home that feels like it did before the construction. Contact us at (507) 835-4799 for additional information or use our contact form to make an appointment today.

Preserving Mankato, MN, Family History with Expert Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture has a way of lending a sense of comfort and familiarity to a home that not many other belongings can quite match. Just the history of a piece can allow a room to feel like part of a continuing narrative rather than a simple accent in a physical space. Expert furniture restoration can bring back the story of your space after disaster or damage.


Because family furniture has such an understated power, it can be easy to forget about how much it really lends to your Mankato, MN, home. ServiceMaster of Mankato’s furniture restoration experts know the power that well-maintained furniture can have, and with a little attention, even the older pieces in your home can once again become part of your home’s story.


Furniture restoration isn’t always a complicated process. In fact, significant results can be achieved with professional, regular furniture cleaning. Furniture cleaning is one of the most effective methods of maintenance that you can perform on your precious belongings.


By keeping dust, dirt, and allergens off the surface of your furniture, you are preventing wear from becoming permanent. Even a light coating of dust can slowly erode the delicate fibers of many surfaces, and if left long enough, damage can become deep enough to stick around for good. 


Plus, regular furniture cleaning allows the true nature of your family furniture to really shine. Colors are brightened, patterns become clear, and years of use can be cleansed away. Furniture restoration can easily change the entire aesthetic of a room or space. Rather than constantly buying new, you can rely on your classic and clean furniture to stand on its own.


Proper cleaning can restore furniture to its original state and preserve it longer, but it’s also wise to remember that poor cleaning techniques can scuff or damage furniture just as easily. Overusing cleaners or water during the furniture restoration process can render delicate surfaces unrecoverable. Relying on furniture cleaning experts prevents cleaning mistakes and ensures that your favorite family pieces are kept looking great.


If your Mankato, MN, area furniture is looking for a little tune-up, contact the furniture restoration professionals with ServiceMaster of Mankato today at (507) 388-6339.

What to Expect from Flood Remediation in St. Peter, MN

After a home flood, big or small, it can be difficult to visualize what recovery looks like. Rooms may look unrecognizable, or the scale of the mess might just be so large that you can’t quite see beyond it.


Flood remediation is possible, and it’s available to all St. Peter, MN, residents in need of water removal services. ServiceMaster of Mankato will walk you through the water removal process step-by-step until that fuzzy image of recovery becomes a reality.


Homeowners impacted by flood damage should remember that the water removal process must be done completely and quickly. Even an inch of standing water can cause significant damage to your home in an extremely short period of time, and that damage increases rapidly the longer it stays. The faster water removal begins the better it is for your home, and the sooner the thorough flood remediation will be completed. 


After water removal is requested, our professionals will assess the damaged site and employ a wide variety of industrial water removal tools to effectively extract water from the location. Our flood remediation experts utilize fans, vacuums, and pumps to quickly eliminate the water and allow drying to begin. Depending upon the extent of the damage, this process may take hours to days. 


After the initial water removal process is finished our flood remediation professionals ensure that the space is completely dry and employ dehumidifiers as needed to prevent excess moisture from persisting. The team then provides comprehensive sanitation services to prevent additional damage from occurring. This process removes the risk of germs and infection as well as ensuring that no foul smells or odors linger.


The entire water removal process will leave your St. Peter, MN, home dry, clean, and safe to inhabit as soon as possible. For information on our flood remediation services contact ServiceMaster of Mankato at (507) 388-6339 or by visiting our website here today.

Post-Construction Cleaning for Your Mankato, MN, Dream Home

The process of building or renovating a house in Mankato, MN, is long and often fraught with delays and hiccups, but when it’s finally done, the excitement of moving into the home of your dreams can’t really be matched. However, the moment that the last nail is hammered in and the last bit of paint has dried isn’t really the moment that most homeowners actually want to move in—unless you want to unpack Grandma’s china in a room covered with sawdust! Luckily, ServiceMaster of Mankato has got you covered with its post-construction cleaning. 


Construction debris can impact the overall feel of a home even if everything is put together exactly as it should be. Even small pieces of construction debris added together result in a less-than-ideal sensory experience. Paint flecks on light fixtures, dust on cabinets, or something as simple as spots on windows, all combined can leave your house feeling a little dirty and secondhand.


Along with their aesthetic disappointments, construction debris can aggravate health problems. Homeowners and residents with sinus sensitivities may find themselves sniffling and wheezing, thanks to lingering dust and particles. Construction debris can be kicked up with very little movement, and you don’t want to be spending your first days at home sneezing at every turn. Post-construction cleaning may be the sinus salvation your new home requires.


Our post-construction cleaning team removes all construction debris from dust and dirt to paint and plastic. We offer window cleaning, vacuuming, floor waxing, and just about any cleaning task you can imagine to ensure that your new house actually feels like the home you’ve been envisioning. We also remove any potentially hazardous construction debris like glass, nails, or other left-behind materials. This guarantees a safe and sneeze-free debut to your brand-new home. 


Mankato, MN, residents interesting in post-construction cleaning services can count on ServiceMaster of Mankato to offer its best construction debris removal experts. Residents can call us at (507) 388-6339 or visit our website here for further details.  


For emergency service, call 1-800-596-0063 or submit a service request.



The Many Benefits of All-Season Janitorial Services for Schools in Minnesota