Reliable Post-Construction Cleaning for Your Waseca, MN, Home Projects

Major home construction can feel like putting your entire life on hold. Whether you’re waiting on planned renovations or recovering from unplanned home disasters, you’re likely watching the hours tick by until you can return to your Waseca, MN, home permanently. Unfortunately, construction is a big job and it can leave an appropriately big mess in its wake. The post-construction cleaning team with ServiceMaster of Waseca is prepared to help you get back home as soon as possible after your construction is completed. 


When homeowners picture a completed construction process, they might be picturing walking into a sparkling home that immediately feels just as it did before, but that’s not really the whole story. Regardless of what type of construction was completed, there are a lot of materials that are required to really make home construction feasible. And the nature of these materials is that they often leave residue. It may be sawdust, plaster, paint, or any number of tiny particles. And often, post-construction cleaning takes a little more than some simple vacuuming.


Deep carpet cleaning, window washing, thorough vacuuming, and spot cleaning are all part of the post-construction cleaning process at ServiceMaster of Waseca. All of this and more can prevent lingering smells, allergy risks, and beyond. Instead of moving into a home that feels in progress, effective debris removal and post-construction cleaning can help your dream home a reality soon after the final nail is nailed.


Post-construction cleaning and debris removal is a process that also needs to be done properly for your safety. Even if the overall results are perfect, construction is, at its core, a bit of a messy process. Nails, shrapnel, packaging, dust, and more may still be lingering at your home site. Having professional hands deep clean your home and ensure complete debris removal prior to your return is a great way to prevent accidents and mishaps.


Ensuring that your Waseca, MN, home is ready to be re-inhabited is our job as post-construction cleaning experts at ServiceMaster of Waseca. We put your safety and comfort first, and we are eager to help you re-enter a home that feels like it did before the construction. Contact us at (507) 835-4799 for additional information or use our contact form to make an appointment today.

Preserving Mankato, MN, Family History with Expert Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture has a way of lending a sense of comfort and familiarity to a home that not many other belongings can quite match. Just the history of a piece can allow a room to feel like part of a continuing narrative rather than a simple accent in a physical space. Expert furniture restoration can bring back the story of your space after disaster or damage.


Because family furniture has such an understated power, it can be easy to forget about how much it really lends to your Mankato, MN, home. ServiceMaster of Mankato’s furniture restoration experts know the power that well-maintained furniture can have, and with a little attention, even the older pieces in your home can once again become part of your home’s story.


Furniture restoration isn’t always a complicated process. In fact, significant results can be achieved with professional, regular furniture cleaning. Furniture cleaning is one of the most effective methods of maintenance that you can perform on your precious belongings.


By keeping dust, dirt, and allergens off the surface of your furniture, you are preventing wear from becoming permanent. Even a light coating of dust can slowly erode the delicate fibers of many surfaces, and if left long enough, damage can become deep enough to stick around for good. 


Plus, regular furniture cleaning allows the true nature of your family furniture to really shine. Colors are brightened, patterns become clear, and years of use can be cleansed away. Furniture restoration can easily change the entire aesthetic of a room or space. Rather than constantly buying new, you can rely on your classic and clean furniture to stand on its own.


Proper cleaning can restore furniture to its original state and preserve it longer, but it’s also wise to remember that poor cleaning techniques can scuff or damage furniture just as easily. Overusing cleaners or water during the furniture restoration process can render delicate surfaces unrecoverable. Relying on furniture cleaning experts prevents cleaning mistakes and ensures that your favorite family pieces are kept looking great.


If your Mankato, MN, area furniture is looking for a little tune-up, contact the furniture restoration professionals with ServiceMaster of Mankato today at (507) 388-6339.


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