Wood Burning Safety Tips from ServiceMaster in Mankato and Waseca

It’s that time again. Temperatures are beginning to fall and you may be turning to some very traditional forms of heating your home or cabin. We’re talking wood here; the tried and true, great smelling, great sounding, even romantic form of combustion. Remember, the fireplace was what people watched before there was television! ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is all for warmth, but we also want you to be safe. Fire disaster and fire damage repair and restoration are a major part of our business and expertise, but we would rather help you prevent home and property loss.

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal says fireplaces and chimneys caused 34 percent of the heating-related home fires in 2013. That doesn’t include fires caused by space heaters, wood stoves, or other heating devices. The dollar loss totaled nearly $2.5 million.

Those losses were all preventable. The University of Minnesota Extension office recommends all fireplaces and chimneys be cleaned each season before use and advises using a qualified chimney sweep. Other safeguards include always using a fire screen or curtain on the fireplace whenever in operation, and avoid using any type of flammable liquid to start a fire. Kindling is best, but don’t use evergreen branches. Keep a fire extinguisher in the same room as the fireplace, or no more than a few steps away. All it takes is a single spark or ember to fly onto a carpet or drape to start a fire.

Fires aren’t the only potential risk to your home from wood burning devices. Smoke backing up into a room can damage carpets, drapes, furniture, and textiles. Burning the wrong kind of wood can produce odors plus flue problems that cause soot deposits on your ceiling, walls, and room contents.

Be careful, follow the instructions on any wood burning fireplace or stove, and don’t leave a burning fire unattended. ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is ready with any kind of fire damage repair or restoration, soot and odor removal, and smoke damage remediation. Whether you live in St. Peter, Waseca, Mankato, or surrounding communities, remember ServiceMaster of Mankato and Waseca is here to help. Call us today.


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