Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning is Cheaper than Tile Replacement

Mankato Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips from ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca

Floor Cleaning, Tile & Grout, ServiceMaster of Mankato/WasecaSometimes tile floors become so deeply soiled that facility managers or property owners believe the floor needs to be replaced, when all that is really needed is a thorough tile floor cleaning.

In the Mankato area, on average, tile floor replacement can be 10 times more expensive than cleaning and restoring the floor. However there is a reason these floors look as dark and dingy as they do… a regular mop and cleaner won’t get the clean you want. At ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca, we use a multi-step process to restore tile floors, transforming dark and grimy grout and surfaces to a newer and brighter appearance.

Step One: Application of an alkaline based tile and grout cleaner to draw grime out of the grout

Step Two: A neutralizing rinse

Step Three: We apply an acid that opens the grout pores allowing stubborn dirt and stains to be freed

Even floors that have been around for decades can be restored to a bright new appearance with our tile cleaning services. Our professional cleaning team can come in after hours and have your facility ready for work the next morning. Already getting your carpets cleaned? Tile cleaning is a good addition to your regular carpet cleaning service.

If you’re ready for brighter, cleaner tiles without having to replace the floor, give us a shout! Call ServiceMaster of Makato/Waseca today.


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